Sleepy Pink Dino Infant Costume. Promotions

Sleepy Pink Dino Infant Costume. Promotions

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Cuteness Overload

We recently held an office contest to try to determine our cutest baby costumes. Hey, we can't help it if we work at the coolest office ever. Anyway, this contest was a "pageant" of sorts, where parents got to bring in their adorable babies in and then dress them in one of our adorable costumes. Let's just say, it was a pretty cute Wednesday.

After parading their costumed child around, we all voted on the absolute most adorable looks. And trust us, we were as objective as we could be. Sure we love Star Wars, but is that baby Yoda costume really as cute as, say, the baby sloth? (Turns out, the answer is yes! Yes it is!). And then...this Sleepy Pink Dino Costume for Infants came around the corner. And there were audible squeals, and a chorus of Awwwwwws rang through the office. And by lunchtime, we had our winner: this sweet pink costume (with Yoda coming in a close second).

Product Details

Move aside puppy costumes, pumpkin onesies, and baby bats, this little dino is coming for you! It's a sweet-as-can-be look that's totally easy, as far as costumes come. Just zip it up and go! You'll love the way your little one's toes and hands are protected from the elements as you trick-or-treat with them in your arms, and they'll love how cozy they feel in this pink, dino-printed onesie. They even get a cool stuffed tail to play with (if they can find it) and an even sweeter dino head on the hood. Purple spines decorate this look, and the whole effect is so cuddly, it may even help your little Cuteosaurus drift off to sleep.


Your kiddo will be the only one snoozing this Halloween—everyone else will be too enthralled by this sweet costume to catch a wink. But it's a small price to pay for the "Cutest Baby Costume of the Year," don't you think?

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