Spider Witch Jewelry Set Promotions

Spider Witch Jewelry Set Promotions
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Eight Legs and Elegant

When it comes to putting together an ensemble, accessorizing is super important. You can really make that little black dress into any kind of look your little heart desires. Throw on a pair of sparkly earring posts and you're like one of those women who knows just how she likes her Manhattan. Layer on leather and silver boho necklaces and you'll look like you know all about chakras and sun signs. Now, here's a theme you might not have thought of... spiders. Yes, spiders aren't exactly everyone's first choice when it comes to jewelry but if you're looking for accessories that will make you look macabre than webs are the right way to go!

Product Details

Spiders have never looked so elegant! The necklace has a black shiny body that's framed with tiny rhinestones. The webbed bracelet has a big black jeweled rhinestone framed spider is in the middle. The whole set is topped off with a matching black stoned ring.

Beautiful and Buggin'

Whether you're dressing up like a night-stalking vampire or you're heading out on Halloween as a classic witch, you'll love this set. Simply browse through all of our gorgeous costumes and find the perfect look to top off with these accessories!