Spiked Devil Pitchfork Promotions

Spiked Devil Pitchfork Promotions
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Fork in the Road

When you're a little cartoon devil, the world is your oyster. You can get away with everything. So, you want another bowl of ice cream? That angel on your right shoulder has nothing to do with your decision-making process anymore. You've got nothing holding you back! Twirl that spiked tail around your red claw, swirl your cape as you leave the room, and when you want your evil will to be done? Shake that iconic pitchfork at your obedient minions. You've got this evil attitude in the bag!

Design & Details

Whether you're heading out for trick-or-treating or you're donning your devil red for a Halloween party, it's important to accessorize! Your red suit and little horns are cute but if you're heading out empty handed, it's an opportunity lost. This pitchfork has a cartoon-like appeal with a curved silver fork at one end and a soft fork on the other. It even has rows of studs on the staff for that rock star devil look.

Devil Pitchfork Fun

The devil might not actually wear Prada, but the ruler of the underworld certainly knows how to accessorize! We think even he would approve of this wicked trident. Now all you need is a devil costume and you're all set!