Spirit Board Poncho for Women

Spirit Board Poncho for Women
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Hello, Can You Hear Us?

Hello? Hello? Yes, this is FUN.com, and we're calling all lovers of the mysterious and occult! Many young adults have had the fun (or creepy) experience of trying out a spirit board, often called a Ouija board. The flat board usually features the alphabet, yes and no options, and other symbols or words. Whether or not the board really works, people have enjoyed imagining all of the possible spirits or entities that might answer. If you grew up with a Ouija board, or if you like having a witchy aesthetic, then check out this Women's Spirit Board Poncho!

Product Details

This black poncho is simply tailored in order to fit most people. All of the design is in the graphics on the front, which is printed to look just like a classic spirit board. We especially love the array of vintage and magical fonts used! The "board" also features typical occult graphics, including the sun, moon, and a skull. It even has a printed on planchette, the heart shaped piece that lets spirits "talk" to the users. You won't be able to play with this planchette, but it is another delightfully witchy detail on this magical poncho.

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