Star Wars Blastech 1B94 Blaster from The Mandalorian Promotions

Star Wars Blastech 1B94 Blaster from The Mandalorian Promotions
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Weapons are a Part of My Religion

Mandalorians live a dangerous life. That's probably why they had to make weapons a part of their culture and to some, a part of their very code of existence. Most Mandalorians carry a minimum of a dozen weapons on them at all times... but we all know that the Mandalorian as a few favorites, like his Blastech 1B94 Blaster. It's a simple hand blaster, wielding with just a single hand, but it's proven wildly effective when dispatching enemies and protecting The Child.

If you plan on heading out into the galaxy far, far away, then you're going to need a blaster of your own at your side. This Star Wars Blastech 1B94 Blaster is exactly what you need to protect yourself.

Product Details

Inspired by the weapon used by Din Djarin, this Star Wars Mandalorian Blaster is a toy weapon that will complete any Mandalorian costume. It's made out of molded plastic, which is shaped just like his blaster from the Star Wars series. It has a white and orange color scheme to help clearly identify it as a toy for safety. It measures about 13 inches long. You'll never want to leave home without it.