Star Wars: The Mandalorian Inflatable Blaster Promotions

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Inflatable Blaster Promotions
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The Real Deal

We'd all like to get our hands on an Amban Sniper Rifle. That's the blaster that The Mandalorian uses to torch pesky Jawas! Unfortunately, we've been told by our legal advisors that selling a highly dangerous phase-pulse blaster is a huge liability issue. Also, we have no idea how to get our hands on a real one. The good news is that this Star Wars Inflatable Blaster looks just like the one Mando wields and it's a whole lot safer than the real thing. So, even though it won't make short work of your enemies, it will help you look like one rough and tumble bounty hunter when you have it in your hands.

Product Details

This officially licensed Star Wars accessory is made out of plastic and comes with an inflatable plug. When fully inflated, the toy blaster measures a full 5 feet and 5 inches, just like the real one. The exterior has printed details and it even comes with an attached strap, so you can sling this bad boy around your shoulder when you're not using it to collect bounties! Just pair it with one of our Beskar Armor costumes and you'll be ready for anything the galaxy throws at you.

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