Stitches Adhesive Face Jewel Kit Promotions

Stitches Adhesive Face Jewel Kit Promotions
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Shock and Aww

This Halloween you want to shock the crowds. Truly startle them. But not because you have an expert hand at giving yourself a gory zombie makeover or because it looks like something sharp found a way to sit safely on your noggin. You want to switch it up with the glittering version of a classic costume.

Of course, you came to us because you know we can help. So, here’s the help we promised! Turn your creepy monster costume into a sparkling diamond in the rough with this Stitches Adhesive Face Jewel Kit!

Product Details

This easy to use costume accessory will turn all your scarecrows, Frankenstein’s monsters, and haunted teddy bears into their most fabulous selves! Simply place the self-adhesive gems on your face, or wherever you see fit, to create the right effect. Featuring 3 connected stitch-shapes and 21 loose stickers you’ll have the freedom to follow suggested wearing or improvise with this kit.

Spectacular Sparkle

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to create a gorgeous scarecrow look with your flannel Halloween costume or you’re ready to reinvent another movie monster, this Stitches Adhesive Face Jewel Kit has you covered. Wear every piece or mix and match with the other makeup and glitter in your collection for a spectacular Halloween style!

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