Sword Art Online Asuna Rapier Sword Promotions

Sword Art Online Asuna Rapier Sword Promotions
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No Special Abilities Required

When you get trapped in an MMO and your avatar's hit points are truly a matter of life and death, it would be pretty awesome to be able to possess a unique skill that nobody else even knew was an option. But, unless you plan on being a beater or lucking out and being chosen by the system admins, all you can depend on is your own abilities and the amazing skills of the local blacksmiths. That's precisely what Asuna did and it's why she managed to stand up as one of the top players, even compared to the terrifying Kirito or the surprise end-boss!

Product Details

Whether you're in for the long haul or just to dip into the MMO fun of Sword Art Online for a while, this Asuna Rapier Sword is just for you! The blade replicates the look of the Lambent Light, the masterpiece blade created by Lisbeth in the anime. While it might not have a genuine +32 bonus, it's certain to give you an S+ ranking to any of your Sword Art Online cosplay.

Command the Art of the Sword

When you're fighting for your life (or just trying to look awesome), you've got to have the right weapon at your side. You can't do much better than the Lambent Light. Take up this Sword Art Online Asuna Sword and claim victory!

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