Sword Art Online Kirito Elucidator Sword Promotions

Sword Art Online Kirito Elucidator Sword Promotions
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Legendary Weapons

Getting trapped inside of a virtual reality game can be a real drag. Not only do you have to defeat a seemingly endless stream of raid bosses in Sword Art Online, but you also can't die because it could mean death in real life. You'd better equip yourself with one amazing weapon to get you through it!

Of course, there's a few different ways to get a sword that's up to snuff. First, you could ask Lisbeth to craft a masterwork sword for you, but that means farming some extra rare materials in the most dangerous areas of the game. That's a hard pass for us! Next, you could defeat a secret, uber-difficult boss in hopes of getting a rare drop. Or, you could just get this Sword Art Online Elucidator Sword!

Product Details

Modeled after Kirito's signature weapon from the anime series, this Sword Art Online Sword is great for cosplay or as a collector's piece. The sword is jet black with a silver edge, just like the one from the game. It features a rigid core with a foam exterior, making it much safer than the real thing. Once you have it, you'll be equipped for anything that the game can throw at you!

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