Sword Art Online Kirito’s Dark Repulser Sword Promotions

Sword Art Online Kirito’s Dark Repulser Sword Promotions
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Lisbeth's Masterwork Blade

So, you've got your hands on an Elucidator and you've mastered the super-secret unique skill, dual blades. That means you're going to need another awesome weapon to pair with your primary weapon. That's where the Dark Repulser comes into play! It's Lisbeth's handcrafted weapon, and she wasn't messing around. Sure, her first attempt at the sword that would stand up to Kirito's standards may not have cut the mustard, but her final version? Well, it's one of the best weapons in all of Sword Art Online. Now, you can have a replica version of the weapon when you get this Sword Art Online Dark Repulser Sword!

Product Details

This collectible sword is based on Kirito's offhand sword from the anime series. It captures all of the details from the show, including the teal blade with the black handle. It has a rigid core, giving it a very firm feel when you wield it. The foam blade and handle make it comfortable... and much safer than a real blade. If you plan on cosplaying as Kirito SAO, then this toy blade is a must-have accessory for your costume. When you're all done cosplaying as Kirito, this sword makes for an awesome collector's item!

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