Teletubbies Dipsy Sunglasses Promotions

Teletubbies Dipsy Sunglasses Promotions
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Becoming Dipsy

We desperately want to transform into Dipsy the Teletubby this year for Halloween but we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle. How would we recreate Dipsy's soft rotund body? How are we going to mimic his legendary lime-colored skin? And what about that dipstick antenna of his? Now, that's a toughie! Luckily, the perfect product came into our lives and solved all of our Teletubby transformation troubles (try saying that 5x fast).

These Dipsy sunglasses fulfilled all of our costume requirements with ease. Just place them on your face and instantly have Dipsy's perfectly circular eyes, elongated ears, green skin, and antenna!

Product Details

These officially licensed Teletubbies sunglasses feature mirrored amber lenses surrounded by plastic frames which double as a half mask, covering the top half of the face. The lenses provide 100% UV protection (just in case the Baby Sun's rays are exceptionally strong) and they're also shatter-resistant.

Teletubby Transformation

A head-to-toe Tubby transformation is possible, folks! Just pair this accessory with a Dipsy costume or accessory kit and you'll have everything you need to make your costume dreams come true. Now for the hard part: hunting down a bowl of yummy Tubby Custard and some delicious Tubby Toast!

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