Teletubbies Po Sunglasses Promotions

Teletubbies Po Sunglasses Promotions
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Po's Awesome. 'Nuff Said

Around the office, we often have heated debates over which Teletubby is the best. Some feel that Dipsy should win the title because his lime-colored skin is "breathtaking" (their word, not ours.) Other office staff campaign for Tinky-Winky because he loves big hugs and hugs are awesome. (Okay, valid point.) Of course, Laa-Laa has tons of advocates too. She's sporty, likes to sing and dance, and her spiral antennae is superior to the others. (Again, not our words.)

Our vote for the best Teletubby isn't Dipsy, Tinky-Winky, or Laa-Laa; it's Po and we'll gladly tell you why. First of all, Po has his very own ride. It may be a scooter, but it counts. He's also passionate about snacks, much like we are. The rosy red Teletubby is obsessed with Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard. We haven't had either, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't interested in trying it...

Product Details

If you agree with us and think Po is the coolest Teletubby then these shades are for you. Featuring mirrored amber shatter-resistant lenses, these Po sunglasses are an essential component when dressing up as the best Teletubby. They're also officially licensed, offer 100% UV protection, and will complete any Po costume.

You Have PO-tential

Now, you have everything one needs in order to PO-tray Po. (Okay, okay we'll stop with the Po puns... for now.) Just wear these sunglasses, jump on a scooter, snarf down a piece of toast, and babble incoherently and everyone will think you're the real deal.