The Cat in the Hat Felt Stovepipe for Kids Promotions

The Cat in the Hat Felt Stovepipe for Kids Promotions
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A Hat Fit For a Cat

Dress your little one up as a classic storybook character when you grab this red and white striped Stovepipe Hat. If it looks familiar, that’s good. It means you haven’t completely forgotten about your childhood. Dr. Seuss has been around for generations and we’re sure his books were read to you as a bedtime story more than once. If you’ve already shared Dr. Seuss’s works with your own child then give them the chance of a lifetime. Let them venture out this Halloween as the beloved literary icon, The Cat in the Hat! With this accessory on their head, their transformation is nearly complete. All you need to do is take a look through the many different Cat in the Hat costumes we have available. Find the one that fits your child best and top it off with this tall-striped hat.

Product Details

This officially licensed hat is made so that its one size will fit most children’s heads. It is constructed out of 100 percent polyester materials. Aside from the red and white stripes this stovepipe hat also features a flimsy white brim. With it, the width of it's around 10 inches wide while the height is approximately 14 inches tall.