The Farmer's Pitchfork Promotions

The Farmer's Pitchfork Promotions
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Field Trip

Is there anything as delightful as daydreaming about life on the farm? The love of the farm starts at a young age, singing Old McDonald and all making all the animal noises. And for some of us, that fascination never goes away! We dream of throwing on those overalls and tossing feed to the chickens. We can picture ourselves riding a classic green tractor, mucking the stalls, and relaxing on the porch with a glass of lemonade as the sun goes down. Are you ready to flaunt your rural side? Complete your farmer costume with this essential farmer's pitchfork!

Details & Design

This Made by Us prop is the perfect way to complete your picturesque rancher or farmer costume. It comes in five pieces and easily twists together, creating a five-foot-tall pitchfork that's perfect for hoedowns and hootenannies. Whether you're dressing up as Old McDonald or recreating American Gothic, this pitchfork is a great way to add lightweight authenticity to your costume this Halloween!

Farmer in the Dell

Are you putting together the ultimate farming group costume? Check out all of our farm looks! From full-body cow costumes to feathered chicken jumpsuits, any farming enthusiasts will have a real field day!

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