The Klingon Emblem Badge Promotions

The Klingon Emblem Badge Promotions
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Sooooo, about those ridges on your forehead. This might come as a bit of a surprise, but it's time to face facts. You are a Klingon! Sure, you were raised here on earth, but feel those bumps on your forehead. They're big, bold, and bony! Just like the foreheads of your Klingon ancestors. So, really there's only one thing to do. You've got to claim your spot in the Klingon Empire!

We've got an easy way to do it, too. You've just got to wear this Klingon Emblem Badge on your chest! It's magnetic backed, so no pinning required, and you can wear it with any outfit to proudly show that you are a Klingon Warrior. Of course, if you want to wear it with a Klingon Costume or an official Klingon Uniform, well, that'd be even better!

This badge comes from QMx, who are well known for making screen-accurate replicas and collectibles. This badge is about 2" tall, and is made with zinc alloy and inlaid with red enamel. It secures with strong, short-field magnets that are embedded in the badge and a backplate. It's Star Trek officially licensed, and ready to be worn by any honorable warrior!

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