The Shining Jack Torrance Axe Promotions

The Shining Jack Torrance Axe Promotions
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Here's Johnny

You know how it goes. You move out to a remote hotel that's located in the middle of nowhere to help reinvigorate your writing career. The scenery is beautiful and the isolation should give you some time to really put some polish on your writing skills. Then, the weird stuff happens. You start seeing ghosts in the bar and the walls start coming out of elevators, and your kid bumps into some creepy twins. Before you know it, you've gone raving mad and you're chasing your family through the halls of the hotel with an axe...

Okay, so maybe that doesn't happen during most family getaways, but it makes for one heck of a good movie! If you want to recreate scenes from the film, then you're going to need this prop axe, inspired by the one from The Shining.

Product Details

The Shining Jack Torrance Axe is a toy axe that's made out of molded plastic. It's designed to look like the one used by Jack in the frantic scenes of the Stanley Kubrick film. The head has a metallic silver paint job and the handle is brown and texture, to recreate the look of wood. It's much safer than a real axe, just in case you go a little stir-crazy, like Jack!

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