The Smurfs Adult Papa Smurf Costume Promotions

The Smurfs Adult Papa Smurf Costume Promotions

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Regular Price: $39.00

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Are You a Papa?

Want to find out if you're the Papa Smurf of your group? Well, just answer these simple question and you can find out if you're the real Papa Smurf of the group!

- Do the other people in your family or group constantly come to you for advice?

- Do you often have to bail the other members of your group out of sticky situations?

- Are you often the voice of morality in your group?

- Do you look really good in red (like, really, REALLY good)?

- Are you the only one in your group able to grow a beard?

- Do you have an emergency plan for dealing with Gargamel, just in case he shows up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might just be the Papa Smurf of your group! Now, you can have an outfit to match with this Adult Papa Smurf Costume!

Design & Details

This Papa Smurf Costume is officially licensed from The Smurfs and it will help you transform into the leader of the little blue cartoon characters! The costume comes with a light blue long-sleeved top and a pair of bright red pants. Of course, you can't be Papa Smurf without a red hat! This costume comes with his signature hat, which even has a pair of eyebrows designed into the top. Finally, the beard gives you the fluffy white beard of Papa Smurf! It all combines for a look that will have you feeling like the leader of the Smurfs!

Watch Out for Gargamel

When you take on the role of Papa Smurf, it means you have a few responsibilities to tend to! Make sure you cook up a game plan to deal with Gargamel and Azrael, because it'll be a matter of time before they show up to cause some trouble!