The Smurfs Infant Smurf Costume Promotions

The Smurfs Infant Smurf Costume Promotions
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No Popularity Contest

We all thought Smurfette was the most popular Smurf in the Smurf village, but then Baby Smurf was flown in by storks. Smurfette could blame her decline in popularity on Gargamel and his poorly thought-through Smurf recipe, but even she had to admit that Baby Smurf just had a way about him. His baby-talk and undiscovered magic powers had the whole village clamoring to meet him the moment he landed. Even Grouchy Smurf heart was warmed by this little one's charm — in fact, Grouchy is a huge reason Baby Smurf got to stay with his new Smurfy family.

Does all this sound a bit familiar? Of course, it does! When a new baby joins the village, everyone gets excited or curious about how they'll fit in with everyone. Their popularity skyrockets the moment they giggle for the first time and stays there through all the ensuing mess and magic. So when you're getting your village ready for Halloween, make sure even your littlest member is included in the fun.

Design & Details

With this exclusive Infant Smurf Costume, your little one will look as sweet as Baby Smurf. Our team of designers went back to basics for this little Smurf. The onesie is color-blocked to give your baby Smurfy-blue skin and those signature white pants. Made from super-soft fleece, this officially licensed costume will keep baby warm for all your Halloween activities. The onesie features snap closures for easy diaper access (just in case). Of course, this costume comes with a white Smurf cap too. Made from fleece for comfortable wear, this little hat will sit safely with the help of an elastic band in the back.

Smurfy Magic

Not even Gargamel's evil heart couldn't resist Baby Smurf's charm when he held the little Smurf hostage. Harness that Baby Smurf magic and turn any frown upside down with this Infant Smurf Costume. Dressed as Baby Smurf, your little one will make even the most dastardly Halloween tricksters offer treats instead!

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