The Smurfs Toddler Papa Smurf Costume Promotions

The Smurfs Toddler Papa Smurf Costume Promotions
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Natural Born Leader

With some kids, you know from an early age. Even when they're still just a toddler, you can tell—they were born to lead. Maybe they just take charge when they step onto the playground. Maybe they always seem to have a plan for everything. Or maybe, they already have a really awesome beard at the tender age of 2 years old! Those are all signs of a natural leader.

Papa Smurf is a natural leader. You can tell, first of all, because he has an awesome beard. But also, he makes sure to give guidance to all of the Smurfs during their times of trouble and he always has a plan for when things go awry! If your child is a born leader, then it's time to get them dressed up in this Toddler Papa Smurf Costume.

Design & Details

This adorable costume is officially licensed from the classic cartoon, The Smurfs! It's inspired by the wise leader of Smurf Village, Papa Smurf. It starts with a simple, light blue top that has long sleeves. It also comes with a pair of bright red pants the feature an elastic band in the waist. The hat is a matching red and even has a pair of fuzzy white eyebrows attached to the front. Finally, the white beard helps complete the look, since Papa Smurf needs his beard to lead! Once your child has it on, they might even start cooking up a plan to stop Gargamel's next attack!

The Smurf Family

If your child is ready to lead, or if you need an adorable retro look, this Toddler Papa Smurf Costume is perfect! Be sure to check out our complete selection of Smurf costumes to dress up the whole family like the classic cartoon characters! With your little one at the lead, your home will feel like the Smurf Village!