The Smurfs Women's Smurfette Wig Promotions

The Smurfs Women's Smurfette Wig Promotions
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La-La-La-Lovely Look!

If you know the song well enough, even simple lyrics like these will stick in your head for days. Fortunately, the happy tune of the Smurf Song can only bring about happy feelings and excellent tidings. That's why every Smurf knows it by heart and so many others can't help but pick it up, too!

You do have to be a little careful, though. When the Smurf song gets in your head, it has a way of showing that it is there. Some might feel the need to rush out and get a Smurf cap. For the rest of you, well, we have a slightly brighter idea that might make that song feel especially great.

Design & Details

It is time to let your inner Smurfette out for the world to see. Like a golden crown, making you the queen of the Smurfs, we know that you're going to love this Smurfette Wig. This is an officially licensed wig designed in-house by our Made by Us team to look like the practically glowing yellow hair of Smurfette. It has the large waving bangs and long wavy hair that is perfect for your Smurfy look!

A Wig to Sing For

When you gear up in this Smurfette Wig, you just might feel a song rise in your heart. We highly recommend the rest of the Smurfy look to go with this wig, but you might even try a few other looks that pair with these golden locks.

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