Three Faces Mask Promotions

Three Faces Mask Promotions
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A Head of the Game

They say that two heads are better than one. They might have been right but we have to say, having more than one face on only one head is a super creepy look! We have so many questions about how this scenario would work. If you had mixed feelings about meeting a coworker for a drink at happy hour would the front one smile while the other faces grimaced? Do all the mouths have the same taste-ability or does the left mouth prefer sweet while the other likes spicy? The questions are endless. We'll have to deal with all that wonder until you get this golden mask in the air.

Product details

This molded mask is gorgeous with an ancient gold metallic look. The three noses line up to make up a classic face that would be respected by Roman entertainers everywhere. The eyes in the middle allow you to see without trouble. Open your mouth wide and watch as your mouth blends in with this dramatic look perfectly.

Beauty, Brains, and Brawn

Since this is your mask, you get to decide how your face works. Are you full of emotion? Do you want to keep a stern expression while letting your inner self run rampant? Let every expression run wild with this three face mask.