Time Turner Necklace Hermione Accessory Promotions

Time Turner Necklace Hermione Accessory Promotions
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More Class

Sometimes it seems like the days go by too fast. There are so many things to learn about. Learning about ancient runes is endlessly fascinating. Field trips to the standing stones, pictographs, and archeological digs are so exciting! Then there are all the wild magical creatures to learn about. Of course, the standard wizarding classes like potions, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts are essential. Sure, you could always drop out of divination, but in the meantime, this time turner necklace accessory is sure to help with your wizarding schedule!

Product Details

This time turner necklace is perfect for playing pretend as well as topping off a costume! The time turner device is attached to a long enough chain to concentrate on in order to time travel. This prop can be paired with any of our Harry Potter robes but looks best with a Gryffindor robe, of course!

Time to Play

When you're pretending to be a student of Hogwarts, you have to be ready to think hard! This time turner prop will make you feel like one of Hogwarts best students. Who knows, maybe you'll even have a chance to save a Hippogryph if you play your cards right!

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