Toddler Army Costume Promotions

Toddler Army Costume Promotions

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We're looking for a hot shot trooper for an exciting mission, and we think your little soldier is just the one for the job! Suit them up in this awesome Toddler Army Costume, and we'll fill you in on the details!

His mission is to infiltrate behind enemy lines and extract some highly important top secret cargo. All we can tell you about the cargo is that it is made up of several small, bite sized, individually wrapped packages, which we have reason to believe contain very delicious, often chocolately, pieces of intel. Your little commando can carry out this mission however he sees fit, but we recommend going door to door in a grid pattern, checking every home in the search area for these packages by using the code phrase "Trick or Treat!" and then stashing the recovered packages in a tactical bag or bucket for later inspection. Once the cargo has been secured, it'll be up to you (the mission commander) to keep him from eating the tasty cargo too quickly, because as we've said, it is believed to be very delicious!

Think your little trooper is up to the task? Outstanding! This realistic camo patterned suit and vest will help give him the strategic edge while he's in the field. It even features working pockets and a matching boonie-style cap to complete his look. Add a pair of combat boots and any other tactical accessories you think he'll need to secure the objective. Any questions? Than move out, double time!!

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