Toddler Boys Circus Leader Ringmaster Costume Promotions

Toddler Boys Circus Leader Ringmaster Costume Promotions

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Born to Perform

When your toddler enters a room, everyone seems to pay attention, even the dog. Their personality is captivating and their ability to charm a crowd is unbeatable. If your kiddo hops your pup hops too. If they speak the room listens and waits for what’s next. When they dance or crack jokes, everyone applauds. Even if they wear out all their energy and curl up for a snooze, people take notice of their adorable snores.

You have a born entertainer on your hands. Your toddler knows how to run the circus routine that is your family’s day-to-day, and honestly, you can’t complain. It’s a delight to watch them lead the fun and push even the grumpiest Gus to get involved in the act. Embrace their talent to work a room with a costume to match their budding personality. Whether they’re leading the charge again at playtime or getting ready for Halloween, this Toddler Circus Leader Ringmaster Costume will have them ready for the show!

Product Details

Get your toddler ready for their next spectacular performance without causing extra chaos in the dressing room with this flashy costume. The costume keeps things simple with just 3 pieces while still providing all the sophistication of a full ringmaster uniform. The top is designed to look like a formal button-up, vest, and jacket layered together but is a single connected piece that closes in the back with hook and loop fastener strips. The golden embellishments and bowtie are stitched in place to keep your toddler looking sharp. They’ll stay comfortable through trick-or-treating and playtime thanks to the elastic waist on the wide-legged pants. Finishing the costume is a felt top hat with an attached satin ribbon that is perfect for adding a flourish to every bow and curtain call.

Master of Play

Help your toddler stay the star of the show with this Circus Leader Ringmaster Costume. Dressed in this eye-catching outfit they’ll be ready to master playtime and Halloween and may just prove they’re the greatest showman!

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