Toddler Classic Thor Deluxe Costume Promotions

Toddler Classic Thor Deluxe Costume Promotions

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If He Be Worthy

We all want our little ones to grow up to be noble. We want them to be wise and compassionate leaders. We also wouldn't mind if they ended up gaining the awesome superpowers of Thor! Of course, heroics begin with a good foundation, which means teaching your little one right from wrong, and teaching them to stand up to evil. It also means teaching them how to treat their team members with respect. It also means wearing a super-awesome superhero suit!

Well, if you can start teaching them the basics of being a superhero, we can help you outfit your little one with the outfit of a true hero! This Deluxe Toddler Classic Thor Costume is officially licensed from Marvel and it will have your child looking like the Norse god to thunder in no time!

Product Details

This toddler costume brings your child a heroic look without any fuss! It starts with a single-piece jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest to give your child the physique of an Asgardian. It also has printed details on the exterior, including silver circles on the chest, and armor on the arms, to give it an authentic, battle-ready look. The foot covers fit over your child's shoes, so they can wear a comfy pair of kicks with this outfit. Every hero needs a cape, and this costume comes with a bright red one, just like Thor's. Finally, to top the whole look off, this costume comes with a helmet. It fits with an elastic band around the head and has printed details. When your child has it all on, he'll be ready to lead like the king he was meant to be!

Mjolnir Awaits

If you're grooming your child to be worthy of Mjolnir, then it's time to start them out with the perfect outfit! We're sure they'll be ready to join the Avengers in no time!