Toddler Delluxe Button Down Boys Jailbird Costume Promotions

Toddler Delluxe Button Down Boys Jailbird Costume Promotions
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The Cartoon Playtime Gang made an amazing performance last season with their smash hit in the park. Now, we adults weren't always sure what the rules were and we were pretty sure that a few of the kids even switched parts midway through the scenes, but none of us could deny the adept skill and narrative nuances at work in these kiddos. We thought nothing could ever top the final moment when Cop with Mussed-Up Hair tagged Robber with Plastic Pistol and sent them all to the slammer.

But, season two is about to begin. The Robbers haven't given up their ambition for wealth! And, this time, we even get to learn about the tragic past that snatched our good-hearted Robbers from the straight and narrow and sent them into the path of crime. Will we learn about the banker being the real criminal or will we see a determined escape as our little jailbird flies from the pen? What will happen in the next chapter of Cops & Robbers: This's For All the Snicker Bars!


When your kiddo has broken out of Toddler Jail, there's only one look that feels right! Our designers went old-timey for this exclusive Jailbird look for your little criminal. The shirt is a comfortable jersey fabric with the iconic look of the black and white striped prisoner of old movies. Prison numbers are featured on the chest and back. The matching pants have an elastic waistband for an easy fit and the pillbox hat completes the look.


The old style of this Jailbird Costume will bring back memories of films and cartoons of the day while your kid plots out how to nap all the candies. Just remember that they'll eventually find them, so you might actually need a gate guard or ball and chain to slow them down!