Toddler Deluxe Lion Costume Promotions

Toddler Deluxe Lion Costume Promotions

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Raising a Jungle Animal

Sometimes, raising a toddler feels a little like having a wild animal around the house, doesn't it? They're constantly racing around the house, making a mess of things. They're always pouncing on the furniture while making some wild cat noises. And their room? Well, it looks a little like a jungle. Isn't the imagination of a child amazing?

You could discourage that behavior, but it's so adorable when they let out their best roar! That's why we think you should indulge in your little one's lion-like ways. Perhaps you could even turn them into the leader of the pride with one of our Toddle Deluxe Lion Costumes. It's one of our Made by Us designs, so that means it's a high-quality costume that will have your child looking like a little lion in no time!

Design & Details

This child-sized lion costume is a great choice for trick or treating, or just some wild playtime around the house. The cozy and rugged design means it will hold up to toddler play better than most costumes for kids. The fleece jumpsuit is nice and warm, so your child can stay comfortable as they prowl the savannah... or maybe just the backyard. The suit fits with a zipper in the back and even has a tail attached to the back. The included mitts have elastic around the wrist and the little bottles have skid-resistant soles. Finally, the fur hood fits over your child's head with a fastener at the back of the head. Put it all together and your child will be ready to become king of the pride!

Little Ferocities

If your child is one ferocious little animal, or if you just want an ultra adorable costume that will last through playtime, then this is the costume for you!