Toddler Doctor Littles Costume Promotions

Toddler Doctor Littles Costume Promotions
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little helper

Is your little one always on top of it? Once they were walking and talking you had a feeling: they're bound for good things. Always concerned about the well-being of others, that bodes even better. While you're sure it'll be a while before they know how to set an I.V. or learn correct dosages for those serious meds, they'll fetch Band-Aids for family and friends anytime.

Have you noticed that it's hard to keep anything from their observational eyes? Have there been times that they knew you were coming down with something before you even did? Sometimes it's hard having such a smarty in the house. After all, they don't need to know that you have a stomach ache after over zealously taxing her Halloween, that kind of thing is supposed to remain a secret. Here's the thing though, these smart kids just can't help it.

product details

Whether your kid is showing up for career day in character or they want to take on Halloween in a professional way this year, they'll love this official looking Toddler Dr. Littles Costume with cheerful blue scrubs and the bright white jacket. The pullover shirt and pants feel like real scrubs and the cap has an elastic band to keep it secure on your little one's noggin.

natural born healer

Sure, most people have to go through years of college and interning for that white coat but your little one is simply a natural! Now, whenever they are feeling like playing doctor they can don their very own costume. You'd better mind what they says, because what the doctor says goes!

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