Toddler Girl Pretty Pirate Costume Promotions

Toddler Girl Pretty Pirate Costume Promotions
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Yo Ho Ho and a Box of Juice

Let's face it, the pirate lifestyle has changed. No longer are pirate communities made up of gruff and greasy men. These days pirates can sail the seas in cardboard boxes, search for buried treasure in the couch cushions, and they still brush their teeth before bedtime. It's quite an adventure to watch your kiddo get in touch with their inner rogue. They'll duel with the family dog in place of a sea monster, sing shanties from the comfort of their ship, and nibble on biscuits, pretending it's hardtack. Sure, Blackbeard might not recognize the new pirate lifestyle if he showed up at your household but we think this new take on the pirating lifestyle is a lot more fun. So let your little one suit up. This new pirate journey is going to be a whole lot of fun!

Design & Details

Your little one will make an adorable little rogue when she's wearing this Pretty Pirate Costume for toddlers! This costume is special enough to be worn on Halloween night but has the quality to be worn for playing plenty of pretend games afterward, too. The dress has a ruffle along with the faux vest and has a red belt with a gold buckle accent. A gold jolly-roger with a red bow is printed on the silky black skirt. The look is topped off with a red and white scarf to make her ensemble extra picturesque.

Setting Sail

Are you ready to watch your little one set sail? This should be a good time! Top it off with a classic pirate hook or a prop sword and she'll be ready to commandeer the neighborhood's candy while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. And you can be sure to hear wild nautical tales for weeks to come. Who knew Fido made such a good Kraken?

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