Toddler Hedwig Knit Hat Promotions

Toddler Hedwig Knit Hat Promotions
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Owl You Need

If your little one is looking for a Harry Potter-themed costume that all the kids won't be wearing, then there are a few options. They can be Argus Filch, would they want to? They could be controversial and dress like Draco Malfoy. Or, they can turn themselves into Harry's trusted sidekick, Hedwig, and be loveable and adorable! Seems like an easy choice, right?

This Toddler Hedwig Knit Hat is perfect as an easy Halloween costume. But it also makes a lovely cozy winter cap any day of the season! Of course, it won't grant your child the gift of flight, or magical powers for that matter. But it will light up their imagination and let them play Harry Potter with their friends for hours and hours on end!

Product Details

This licensed knit cap is snow-white, like Hedwig, and features an embroidered beak, inlaid eyes, and faux-fur "feathers." There are two pompoms on the top. It looks just like Hedwig's wise visage is staring back at you! Pair it with an all-white sweatsuit or even a white tee for a no-fuss costume, or use it as a daily topper when winter comes. It's never bad to have Hedwig around!