Toddler Lost Boy Costume Promotions

Toddler Lost Boy Costume Promotions
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A Walk in the Woods

Is your kiddo the type who can't get enough of exploring the outdoors? Can you see them camping out in a cozy nook under the roots of an old Oak tree? Can you see them teaming up with a group of kids living on the berries and nuts from the woods? Maybe they're a little young to actually go out camping on their own but that doesn't mean they can't play pretend! A child wearing this costume will have all sorts of adventures. That blanket fort in the living room might have visitors both good and bad. Your child might have berry tea with bunnies and skunks and pretend to freeze in fear when a bear comes in the room. And if we know the nature of toddler play at all, that bear is probably you. Our advice? Bring cookies so your kids gets over their fright and invites you to their deep forest get-together.

Product Details

This sweet lost boy costume will work for adventurous girls and boys alike! The costume features a hip-length tunic with a draw-string at the neck and a rope belt around the waist for an earthy feel. It has a raggedy hemline to make your child feel right at home in the forest. The look is polished off with bright green tights and a pointed cap for a look that'll make you want to take picture after picture of your adorable adventurer!

The Villainous and Virtueous

Want your family to become a cast of characters? We've got all the characters you could ever wish for! From a tough pirate captain to a forest fairy and even a crocodile, you'll love all your options. Just don't remember to sprinkle a little pixie dust over your kiddos. That's one way to make this Halloween's costumes really take off!

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