Toddler's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume Promotions

Toddler's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume Promotions
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We can hear you, already. "Not another history lesson!?" Well, just wait! Don't run off. This is going to be a quick and easy one that we're sure you're going to love! (And, you can't run, anyway. We've latched the doors and set up all sorts of ingenious traps to keep you around.) See, the thing about history is that there's just so much of it. It gets too huge to handle. That's why we're going to break up the history of all time into little, easy-to-handle chunks!

There's something about little versions of things that are somehow super cute, too. Take the real-life "boy king" of Egypt. Tutankhamun was only nine when he took over an entire dynasty and even managed to keep the title until he grew up! It was pretty commonplace that folks would worship the Pharaohs after they were gone, but ancient Egyptians were loving King Tut while he was alive. Obviously, that's because they couldn't contain the adorable "awwws!"


Bring the legend to life and make history once again when you transform your tot into Tut with this exclusive Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. Our team of designers moonlighted as archeologists for months to put together this high-quality look of dark black and gleaming gold. The short-sleeve tunic falls beyond the knee and matches the inner lining of the gold and black-striped headpiece. Shiny black fabric makes up the collar, cuffs, and the belt, though it is the hieroglyphics printed on the belt that really sell the look!


King Tut made ancient fame for having the nicest pyramid to date and being the youngest kiddo to rule. But, time for the crown to pass to an even younger generation with your toddler! This Pharaoh Costume is bound to get way more attention than some old 18th Dynasty fuddy-duddy!

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