Toddler Train Engineer Costume Promotions

Toddler Train Engineer Costume Promotions
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All Aboard!

Phew, sorry for shouting, we haven't quite gotten the hang of working on a train yet. Everything is so noisy and all of the controls are tough to figure out. Hey, your little guy wants to be an engineer, right? Dress him up in this Toddler Train Engineer Costume, and he'll love pretending he's driving his very own locomotive!

Trains are so much fun to watch, but it takes a lot of practice to get really good at driving them. First, your little engineer has gotta go to train school (which we bet is also called “train-ing school”) and learn about every part of these gigantic machines; from the tiniest bolts and switches to the massive steel boilers and wheels. Once they can take a train apart and put it back together blindfolded (okay, we may have made that part up...) your little one can start driving a locomotive and learning all of the rules, just like learning how to drive an enormous, super-loud car. And after they graduate, they get to be official train engineers!

Yikes, when you think about it like that, it sounds like it would take a long time to become a train driver. Luckily, it's much much easier to become the engineer for an imaginary train. For that, your little guy just needs to put on this cool looking set of striped overalls and the matching cap, and they'll be ready for action! We hope they've been practicing their “All Aboard” call, since they'll be the cutest engineer on the rails, and all his friends will want a ride!

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