Toddler Wizard Costume Promotions

Toddler Wizard Costume Promotions

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Plenty of outfits are based on real-life occupations, which is great. Sometimes your dream of becoming a combination firefighter, astronaut, and professional athlete falls by the wayside as you grow up, so it's nice to make-believe. But if it seems a little too early to be talking about careers, your child might have more fun this Halloween dressed in the trappings of a more fantastic vocation.

Like this costume, which combines the robes of a learned astronomer, the pointed hat of a sorceror, and the unnatural cuteness of your little spellcaster. The deep purple velour with pale golden lining and silvery stars is imbued with the dark energy that any aspiring mage needs to begin casting powerful charms, meaning that your toddler should have all the prerequisites for an enchanting evening of trick-or-treating. But you could always add a few accessories for some extra fun!

We don't know why, being non-magical people ourselves, but waving a stick magically seems to make hours of poring over ancient tomes pass much more quickly. So you might want to head over to the wandmaker's to select the perfect magical instrument before trying any alchemy or potion recipes. And experts say that pointed shoes' incantation-amplifying properties make them a worthy addition to your mystical shopping list as well. But we recommend an adorable (and hilarious) beard and wig to maximize the effect of this great outfit. Whether you dress it up any further or not, we're confident that it will leave you and your neighbors spellbound!