Toddlers Royal Vampire Costume Promotions

Toddlers Royal Vampire Costume Promotions
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Something Quite Special

Ah, so you knew that something quite special was in store for your little lady when she was born. That's right, those fangs were a sure sign that she had a set destiny. She was bound to be a vampire when she grows up! Ain't nothing wrong with that, so long as we nurture it in a smart and supportive way, and to do that, we'd be inclined to recommend getting her this Toddler Royal Vampire Costume. That's right, now that she's old enough to show off her vampire style, she can do it with a bit of royal aplomb by wearing this costume!

Product Details

This Toddler Royal Vampire Costume is crafted to be a fun style that sure to inspire some classic Halloween fun. It features 100% polyester fabric with 100% polyurethane foam pieces. Designed as a pullover dress, it fits with an elastic back waistband. It features a stylish front inset panel and stand-up foam collar that have printed swirls. The wide hanging sleeves have dark red cuffs and lining for instantly iconic style. She might not be ready to travel to Transylvania with this costume, but it will have her making her future Vampire plans!

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With costumes stocked in every category from A to Z, we're sure you'll be able to find plenty of costumes for your own Halloween crew. Stock up on vampire styles for your kids for some fun with Dracula, and maybe even throw in a Frankenstein's Monster or a Werewolf to build up their little Halloween gang. Shop our whole site to get everything you need for the costume fun!

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