Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Disc Blaster Promotions

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Disc Blaster Promotions
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When we first saw Buzz Lightyear's space armor and it's laser-blasting gauntlet, we always assumed that they were actual lasers. Or plasma. Or some other kind of energy that we otherwise generally understood. Imagine our surprise when we got our hands on a set of the Space Ranger's gear and discovered that their technology is even more advanced than we previously thought! They've managed to solidify light energy into disc-shaped pellets of power! Truly amazing.


It is time to join up with the Space Rangers! Bring an end to Zurg while bringing tons of fun with this officially licensed Buzz Lightyear Disc Blaster from Toy Story 4. This gauntlet features fun blaster and other sounds from the epic franchise and fires red discs with the touch of a button. Enjoy all the fun of the Space Rangers by bolstering a Buzz Lightyear costume or even just adding some extra fun to the next Nerf war.


Not only is this Disc Blaster a scientific breakthrough for its mysterious ability to turn light into solid objects, but those discs can be recovered to be fired off again and again! Truly, the Space Rangers are an astounding organization. We know that you and yours will love being recruited to join the fun.

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