Toy Story- Alien Plush Hat Promotions

Toy Story- Alien Plush Hat Promotions
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Space Speculation

Since we’ve never met any aliens, we’re stuck just imagining what they might be like. Every TV show and movie has come up with its own idea of an alien. They might be large furry creatures that make weird roaring noises, tall green creatures with oblong heads, short wrinkly things with fingers that glow, or maybe even “evil” masterminds with huge blue heads. We think one of the cutest ideas of what an alien might look like comes from Toy Story. The green, three-eyed toys are relatively harmless, even though they might be partially responsible for Woody and Buzz’s adventure to Sid’s house. Their obsession with “The Claw” and the little squeaky noises they make are still pretty endearing. And we can’t really blame them for any trouble they might cause. We get the feeling they have more eyes than brains.

Product Details

If you also live your life by the whims of The Claw (or just think these guys are cute), this Toy Story Plush Alien Hat is for you. Now you can look just like the little squeak toys we all love. The hat has a size adjuster so that most people will be able to securely sport the look (except for maybe some of those guys we mentioned earlier).

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