Toy Story Bo Peep's Staff Accessory Promotions

Toy Story Bo Peep's Staff Accessory Promotions
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Reusable Resource

It's been a long time since Bo Peep was a simple shepherdess. She's been around the block. She's seen things. But she's never let life get her down. If we had to use one word to describe this character, it would be tough because no one in Toy Story is simple. But if we were really pressed, we'd have to describe her as resourceful. She knows how to use what she's already got. She puts her sheep to work. She gathers rubber bands, bandages, and gum to make sure she has what she needs to keep herself and her sheep together. And she knows exactly how to use her staff to get around and glide into any situation like the superhero she is at heart.

Product Details

Licensed from Toy Story 4, this Bo Peep staff is a sweet bright blue and has a wrap around the staff to show that it's been through a lot. Add it to your Bo Peep ensemble and you'll be ready to take action in her resourceful style!

No Need to Count Sheep

Dressing up as Peep is sure to be a costume to remember. Use it to pretend to hang glide from place to place or hook your partner in for a smooch and you'll feel just as resourceful as this Toy Story heroine!

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