Toy Story Buzz Youth Comfy Throw Promotions

Toy Story Buzz Youth Comfy Throw Promotions
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To Infinity and the Bed!

The time has come. Your child has spent all day exploring space! They've met some new alien friends, saved the day from an evil space villain, and they've even hung out with their cowboy pal, Woody! You know, like any good Space Ranger does, but now it's time to rest. It's time to curl up into bed and recharge for the next day of adventures. That means it's time to suit up for bed and only the best in Buzz Lightyear space gear will do!

The good news is that this Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Comfy Throw doubles as both Space Ranger outfit AND naptime attire. It'll be easier than ever for your child to switch from astronaut mode into sleep mode when they wear it.

Product Details

This comfy throw is officially licensed from the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. The throw is a wearable blanket that has sleeves and an opening on top for your child's head. It fits much like a robe does and if made from a cozy, warm fleece material that's ultra-soft for your child's comfort. That means that the throw is perfect for impromptu naps on the couch or for keeping comfy during the next Toy Story marathon you have in the living room! The front of the throw features an image of Buzz Lightyear's space suit, so your child will look ready for some space adventuring when they wear it.

The Wearable Blanket for Space Rangers

If your child loves Toy Story and needs a new way to snuggle up during naptime, then this Toy Story Comfy Throw may be just the thing they need. Since it's a wearable blanket, it's guaranteed to keep your kiddo cozy during any light snooze or during the next movie session on the living room couch.

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