Toy Story Jessie Dog Costume Promotions

Toy Story Jessie Dog Costume Promotions
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Lasso This Look!

Get along, little dogie—or in this case, doggie! No orphaned calves here, no sir, because this pup obviously has a very loving parent! Kids who grew up loving Pixar will be delighted with this Toy Story Jessie Dog Costume. The fun-loving, tough cowgirl captured everyone's hearts in Toy Story 2, and she and Bullseye joined Woody and Buzz on their subsequent adventures. And let's be honest...why dress up as Jessie when you can dress up your dog instead? Any excuse to get your pet in a costume, right? They are just too darn cute!

Product Details

This costume comes with every detail your Pixar-loving heart could desire! The shirt features the classic yolk Western style with its yellow and red detailing, and it closes at the back with velcro type fasteners. After the shirt, it's time to add Jessie's signature red braid and unique red and white cowboy hat. These come attached to each other for easier wearing, and the elastic cord under the chin is adjustable for your pet's comfort. Right down to the yellow bow at the end of the braid, this is unmistakably a Jessie look! Your pet won't be able to tell, but all the humans will have to smile.

Who'll Be Their Partner?

Now, who will ride with Jessie? Every cowboy or girl needs a trusty partner. Will you step up for the task? Will you dress up as Woody to accompany your Jessie? Or perhaps you'd prefer to be Bullseye and give your pet rides through the town whilst they ride around your shoulders. Either way, you and your pup are sure to draw some attention. So ride like the wind, Bullseye! This canine Jessie has places to go and people to see! Namely, the pet store. They deserve all the treats!

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