Toy Story Woody Youth Comfy Throw Promotions

Toy Story Woody Youth Comfy Throw Promotions
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Cowboy Up, Cowboy Down

Here's something that Woody knows that you might not know, cowboys really know how to stay cozy! We usually see the western sheriff when he's chasing down bad guys or rangling toys who are determined to get themselves lost. But original cowboys have always known to take it easy when they get the chance. They'll saunter into town and take a nap under the first sliver of shade they see, hat tipped over their eyes. They'll sleep under the night sky, cozying up to their horse under a wool blanket as a fire crackles away. It's not all action, there are a lot of naps along the way!

Costume Details

This fleece throw will let your kid cozy up even if they need to saunter off to get a snack or reach for the sky because the blanket is fitted with sleeves. Printed with the Toy Story cowboy that we all know and love, this is a great accessory to have around for a day of watching Saturday cartoons. Measuring to four feet by four feet, this Woody fleece will be a favorite in your household!

Living Room Adventures

When your kid is putting up their boots in the living room, they don't need to leave the feel of adventure behind. Whether they're watching Disney, Pixar, or good, old-fashioned Western movies, this throw is sure to be a staple in your household! Pair this cozy item with the Buzz Lightyear year throw and maybe you'll convince your kids that the couch is, indeed, big enough for the both of them!

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