Tween Pink Party Leopard Costume Promotions

Tween Pink Party Leopard Costume Promotions
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*Cue mind-blowing guitar riff* It's punk rock leopard!

Don't let those furry faces and round eyes fool you; kitty cats are totally punk rock. They don't give a hoot about listening to their authority figures. If you decide to set your coffee cup too close to the edge of the table, they will knock it over and they could care less what you do about it (how does one really punish a cat anyway?) Also, cats have the same ideology of many punk rockers; the only one you can truly count on is YOU. This is why cats are completely self sufficient. Just leave the bag of food open a smidgen and make sure their litter box is accessible and they'll never bother you for a thing!

If you're anything like us, you're probably wondering what this cute pink party leopard has to do with the newfound punk rock ideology of cats. Well, this girl right here is the founder of the new feline movement and if you don't believe us, she'll gladly head-bang to any song from the Dead Kennedys so you can see how hardcore she really is!

This costume has the power to transform tween girls into the fierce wildcat patron of punk rock! Once she's clad in the leopard print pink jumpsuit and faux-leather vest, she'll feel ready to lead her kitty cat pals on a crusade to be four-legged non conformists. Add the included spiky wrist cuffs, matching choker, and eye-mask to the look and the transformation into a hardcore party cat will be complete! Don't be surprised if you suddenly feel compelled to have a mohawk. Naturally, it's the next step to take when you're this punk rock!

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