Viking Spear Axe Promotions

Viking Spear Axe Promotions
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The Ultimate Multi-Tool

It can be difficult to decide what to pack when you're heading into battle. There are your standards, of course. You've got to bring your good shield, your war paint. And you're in a bad way if you forgot your warring snacks. When you're plowing through angry men and beasts with abandon, you've just got to have a high-protein calorie boost. But decisions really get tough when you're choosing a weapon. You could choose a sword, but what if you get stuck in close quarters? A club is always handy but it's so gosh darned heavy! That's where this shiny, new piece comes in. And with three, count-em, three deadly edges, your battlefield foes will have to stay on their toes!

Product Details

This handy-dandy weapon prop is just the thing for a whole assortment of costumes. The aged looking ax blade stays looking dangerous while the handle has just enough rustic charm to blend in with knight, god, or Viking costumes. And with two spear blades, this weapon stands out from any violent horde!

Battle Rousers

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