Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Shield Promotions

Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Shield Promotions
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Lagertha Lothbrok

Battling like Lagertha from History's Vikings? That part's easy. Just call on your ancient gods, unite the other earldoms that will fight by your side, and get your favorite sons teamed up, too. That's all it will take to defeat the forces that seek to unseat you!

Well, actually, it's going to take one more thing, too. A shield and sword. We've got you covered for the shield, because we created this Lagertha Battle Shield, and it's officially licensed, so it's a tv screen replica that's ready for all kinds of Halloween fun.

Design & Details

This is a Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Shield comes from History Channel's Vikings, and it's a Made by Us exclusive, designed to perfectly complement our Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Costume. It measures about 21 inches in diameter, and has arm straps attached on the back so it's easy to carry around.

For Fans by Fans

We're fans, too, so we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to get your costume experience just right. Grab some prop weapons, and stop by our makeup section to get your warpaint applied to perfection, too. We're sure you're gonna have a great time when you costume up as Queen Lagertha!