Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Sword Promotions

Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Sword Promotions
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Weapon of a Valkyrie

Want to know what the most frightening sight on the battlefield is? It’s Lagertha Lothbrok charging at you full speed with sword and shield in hand! Her ferocity in battle is matched by none and her skill with a sword is a wonder to behold. If she sets her sights on you… well, then you’d better say your prayers to the gods, because you’re not long for this Earth.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you go to war with anyone. The days of Vikings are long gone and we believe in more peaceful means of solving problems. However, when you dress up as Lagertha Lothbrok, you can capture the Shield-maiden’s intensity when you hold this mighty toy sword accessory in your hands.

Design & Details

This Lagertha Lothbrok Sword is officially licensed from the Vikings TV series. It measures 32 inches long and is made out of molded plastic. The blade is painted to look like weathered metal and the handle is painted to look like wrapped leather.

Fit for a Shield-Maiden

With this sword in your hands, you will feel like a ferocious Shield-maiden. You may even want to challenge anyone who tries to invade your home! Just remember that this sword is designed for looking awesome and not for real combat, so don’t go picking any fights with rival Earls.