Voodoo Skull Staff Promotions

Voodoo Skull Staff Promotions
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Hike for the Hex

It's courageous of you to enter deep into the woods of the bayou all on your own. You'd better stay on a road, at least what's left of it. The people back in town told you to come here for some help with your broken heart. But other than meeting a Voodoo witch you never know what else might happen out here: eaten by alligators, bitten by snakes, not to mention getting sucked into the muck.

Product Details

This staff is detailed with molded, twisted wood. It splits into three pieces, making it easy to store while you're not stirring up magic. There is a gauzy handhold near the top, making it comfortable to hold. The staff is topped with a skull with red stripes and the top and the eyes are dotted with black to give the skull a mystical flare.

Secrets of the Swamp

When you first see the legendary bayou conjurer all you see is a small white skull, bobbing through the tangled branches ahead. Then the Voodoo master appears, his staff is made of the twisted vines that penetrate the inky mud of the Louisiana swamp and topped with the heron feathers and the skull of a tiny man. If the conjurer couldn't solve your heartbreak, it's due to your bad juju, cause this Voodoo master is legit!