Voodoo Witch Doctor Accessory Kit Promotions

Voodoo Witch Doctor Accessory Kit Promotions
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No Bones About it

Actually, scratch that. There's a lot of bones about this costume. This witch doctor obviously has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and some of them are probably bone-based. We've seen this witch doctor in some questionable places. Our lamplighter friend, Bob, saw this witch doctor lingering outside the graveyard with a duffle bag at twilight. And last August a friend stumbled upon a shack in the woods with strange stick formations hanging from the rafters. She thought it was strange, of course, but when she met the local witch doctor when she was returning to her car, her strange discovery clicked into place.

Product Details

Top any witchy look off with this sophisticated accessory set! The jewelry includes beaded earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. It all matches with a black and white beaded base and grungy skull accents. The look is topped off with a top hat headband that's accented with rustic looking skulls, bones, and a feather.

That Magic Moment

Want to put together your perfect witch doctor costume? You have to decide what kind of witch you want to be. Are you the type who lingers in the swamp, wearing tattered clothing? Or are you the type who resides in a fancy Victorian who rocks a gothic getup. Whatever you decide on, bring the look home with these eerie accessories and you're sure to cast the right spell!

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