White Rhinestone - Choker Promotions

White Rhinestone - Choker Promotions
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endless ideas

Going out this Halloween as the baddest biker to ever ride? Want to be the flashiest goth or a whiplash-inducing metalhead walking around the parties this year? Do you want to dress up as a dog with a well developed sense of fashion? We like that you keep so many ideas on the backburner. It's good to have a main plan and a backup, and three more backups.

product details

Well, this flashy White Rhinestone Choker will be perfect for completing any of those costume ideas! Slip this around your neck and suddenly increase you intimidation level by tenfold. Along with having a fear factor to it, this choker is also very fashionable! The light-colored rhinestones will draw everyone's eyes in.

one small quirk

Grab your own choker today and look like the rowdiest renegade at any costume party. Just don't be surprised if you get mistaken for a dominatrix -- it happens from time to time. Actually, it happens quite often.