Wicked Circus Clown Toddler Costume Promotions

Wicked Circus Clown Toddler Costume Promotions

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Regular Price: $29.00

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Down to Clown?

Does your little one ever dream about running away to join the circus? Well, with Halloween right around the corner, we’re sure those sinister traveling circuses are hiring. They will be looking for plenty of zombie tamers, creepy contortionists, dangerous jugglers, and, of course, wicked clowns.

Before your kiddo takes off to follow these nightmarish dreams, be sure to send him out with the right duds. If he hopes to be the number one carnie in the spooky carnival he runs off too, a typical clown outfit will not suffice. This Wicked Circus Clown Costume for toddlers will be exactly what your child needs. He will spread chills down the back of anyone that meets his devilish gaze while he wears this eerie ensemble.

Design & Details

This terrifying transformation starts when your little one tosses on the black and gray diamond-print long-sleeved shirt. Add the red and gray striped overalls and the malicious makeover is almost complete. The blood-red ruffled collar is a wonderfully wicked addition to the costume. Finally, top off this ghoulish getup with the cone-shaped hat, which matches the shirt.

Be sure to check out our many available accessories to truly make your kiddo a one-of-a-kind wicked clown. Nothing says “scary” like one of our bloody butcher knife props. We also have an assortment of some super scary clown masks. If your little one is one of those performers that prides himself on originality then we even have clown makeup kits available as well!

Calling All Clowns

If your kiddo is ready to clown around this Halloween our very own Wicked Circus Clown costume is waiting for him! And we don’t clown around when it comes to making costumes. So set your little one up with this ominous attire and he will be sure to get the last laugh this year.

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