Women's Dark Jack O'Lantern Poncho

Women's Dark Jack O'Lantern Poncho
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Tis the Season

Every holiday season has its decorations. Easter brings lots of pastels, chocolate eggs, and bunnies. Winter holidays have plenty of sparkling lights, pine trees, and sugar cookies. And when the weather turns to autumn, fall lovers eagerly pull out their bats, pumpkins, and other autumnal decorations. This includes clothes, too. Sweaters come out, if the weather gets chilly in that region, and maroon, orange, and mustard colors take over. Are you looking for some wearable fall decor? You can satisfy your seasonal and spooky clothing needs with this Women's Dark Jack O'Lantern Poncho!

Product Details

This black poncho is super versatile, perfect for your fall wardrobe! The orange face has an elegant shimmer to it, while the face's smile can be either creepy or cheerful, depending on how you accessorize it. For added spookiness, the hem is jagged rather than straight. You can wear this poncho to the grocery store with a pair of jeans and some flats, or you can throw on some menacing makeup to turn this poncho into a costume piece. However you choose to wear your poncho, we know it will bring you the joys of the season—whether they are spooky or just autumnal!

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